Welcome. This site is an invitation to consider perceptions about Australian land. Through observing and listening quietly we become more aware of the countless systems of living elements interrelating across the country. For me, painting in place further develops these senses.


The Home page contains sequences of paintings, sculptures and photographs. The images can be read singly, as fragments of landscape and as narrative.

The ‘Introduction’ page contains written thoughts referring to the formation of the work.

I've been painting for more than 40 years and am largely self-taught. I use oil paints for their technical flexibility and great capacity to develop colour and texture. I hand build the ceramic sculpture using a marbling style where the clay body itself is patterned with stain.

With regular solo exhibitions, my works have been collected publicly and privately in Australia and overseas. If you are interested to enquire about these words, paintings, ceramics or giclee prints, please contact me on the form below. Those images marked with a ‘g’ indicate a giclee print has been made.



( 0407 265 637).

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